My Background

Coming from a medical background into the financial services industry seems like a COMPLETELY different career direction, and it is...... and it isn't. I'll explain...

As an EMT/ Critical Care Technician at a Level 1 Trauma center, as well as spending 8 years as a Combat Medic (91B) in the U.S. Army, staff, patients, and their families depended on me to deliver accurate, dependable care. I provided an outstanding patient experience throughout my career, both in the technical aspects of the job, as well as simply being there to listen when a patient or family member needed an ear. I attempted, and was successful, at making a trying, often desperate time a little more bearable, and sometimes even enjoyable.

As a Financial Advisor*, my job demands the same level of excellence, only now, I'm helping my clients prepare for the expected, as well as the unexpected, and keeping them informed along the way. I get to interact with different people from varying backgrounds on a daily basis, and I consider this as much a service career as I do the nursing industry.

I am laser focused on raising the bar as to what can, and should, be expected of a Financial Advisor. I ensure that my clients and their loved ones have the absolute BEST planning, products, and services in the world at their fingertips, around the clock. That means I am available on call for my clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, much like I was in my Army and EMS days. If my clients are on call, so am I. My clients are truly a part of my life.

To move forward in accomplishing these goals, I have created TACTICAL FINANCIAL GROUP (TFG). TFG is dedicated to the specific needs of the Law Enforcement, Fire/ EMS, and Military communities, as well as others in the public service industry. We have clients from many other walks of life and occupations, from plumbers to executives, and I am proud to be of service to them, but the public service industry in general, unfortunately, has been extraordinarily underserved. As an individual that comes from an entire family of Law Enforcement/ Fire/ EMS/ Military/ Corrections  personnel, my heart was drawn to, and remains with, these heroes.  Aside form being a former soldier myself, my uncle spent 22 years as a Baltimore City Police Officer, my aunt retired from the Havre De Grace Police Department after almost 28 years, another uncle, who passed away, was deputy chief at a federal agency, as well as an uncle that retired from Baltimore County Corrections as a 32 year Lieutenant, and the list goes on. I only mention them because I heard the problems and triumphs, the heart breaks and the hoorays, my entire life. One immutable fact is that EVERY ONE of them said, repeatedly, "I wish I would've saved more money!"

I want to have an impact, for the better, on the lives of my clients, and their families. That's why I became a *Financial Advisor in the first place.

One of the first questions I hear is "Am I saving enough?". That is as unique as a fingerprint from person to person. We want our clients to save appropriately, and actually understand WHY they're doing it. Education is a large part of what we provide our clients. It is truly an amazing experience to see someones eyes light up when they discover how their retirement accounts actually work, rather than simply getting a statement in the mail every quarter that either gets filed without a look, or, worse yet, shredded without being opened. We're well versed in the DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Program), Deferred Compensation/ 457 plans, as well as many other options that many of our clients never knew existed prior to meeting with us. Please give me a call, anytime, at (410) 302-2992. If I am not available, please leave a message for a prompt response, or call our Client Relationship Manager, Tammy, at (410) 302-0083.

*Financial Advisor offering Investment Advisory Services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.